This is an older photograph but it holds a certain amount of pride for me, it’s the first photograph I had published in a book.

The book was titled “Texas On A Roll, Images of Texas by Texas Photographers“. It was a book project sponsored by the Austin/San Antonio Chapter of the American Society of Magazine (Media) Photographers (ASMP) in conjunction with a national photography awareness initiative called Ten Thousand Eyes.

Guadalupe RiverI made the photograph early one morning while staying at Casa Bonita on the Guadalupe River, just west of Hunt. It was raining that morning and the river was fairly high, but the light was nice. The original photograph was made on Fujichrome Velvia slide film, ASA/ISO 50. It was slow, but like Kodachrome 25, had it’s wonderful color qualities.

Most of my favorite images are in black and white. I have some favorite color images but they seem to come to me less frequently. The only thing I’ve noticed about my color photographs is that they don’t convert well, if at all, to black and white. The composition doesn’t hold together well and the photograph loses its sense of identity. Without the colors, my color photographs just wouldn’t have much else to them. This one is a good example of that.

I had the original slide scanned with a Noritsu scanner and processed it in Lightroom. I had to spot a few specs but otherwise there isn’t much in the way of processing. That’s what was great about slide film, you either had the exposure or you didn’t.

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