The figure (top center, left window pane) in the window is someone installing new windows in our home. It’s out of focus, which worked well. I took the picture quickly, before my camera phone figured out what was going on.

Window Work_1

I took a few shots and this one stood out, he looks like an alien looking in. Simple picture, taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3 and then converted to warm tone black and white using a Pixlr pre-set filter.

I use Pixlr, Pixlr Express and Pixlr O-matic for almost all my phone pictures. They work very well, have all the controls I need, are simple to use and do fine with phone photos. I can get real aggressive with the controls though, it creates some interesting pictures (future post) and gives me a creative break from what I consider more serious photographic work. Lightroom is still my go-to editing software for digicam pictures.

I have an assignment to post a picture a day. More on this later. Let’s see if it pans out. Right now I’ll split between my Instagram account and this blog until I get the hang of things.

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