Two pictures taken within 50 yards of one another. Both taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3. I love phone cameras, I always have it with me and while the technical specs aren’t enough for printing they work great for everything else. The best camera is the one you have with you.

First is my sandy footprint on a stair step leading to the balcony on one of the houses where we spent our vacation. I didn’t know I had left an imprint until I came back down the stairs. I thought it looked kind of cool and was surprised at how clean the imprint was.

Foot Tulum

The first day we were in Tulum we grabbed lunch at a restaurant right next to our houses. It’s always hot and humid and we were right on the beach. The restaurant provided great shade and as you can see from the photograph, a nice breeze was coming through.

Tulum Restaurant

These were both edited in Pixlr, an app I use frequently on my phone and iPad. It’s quick and easy and I typically use pre-set filters. Pixlr, Pixlr Express and Pixlr-o-Matic have tons of filters and pre-sets so you’re never at a loss of options.

I do go a little overboard on some of my photographs and it does show sometimes. Banding in the sky is common so I watch out for it now. I’ll admit that it’s fun editing pictures this way. The process is very different than working in Lightroom on a photograph that I plan to print. These phone pictures allow you to have fun, play around and try new things…which in the long run generates some great ideas.

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