A picture that I’ve grown to like after some time. I grabbed it one humid morning during a ride through the Barton Creek Greenbelt trail in Austin. I spend more time on my road bikes so even a short run through the Greenbelt is a tough ride, I don’t know my way through the trails either so I cross the creek at different points every time I ride through.

Green Belt Swing_1As a result, I never noticed the rope swings but they caught my eye this day, I most likely stopped for a rest. It was hot and humid and I got distracted and pulled over for a break and a drink.

The water wasn’t even remotely high enough to be jumping in to it from one of these ropes. Yet. Barton Creek comes up very fast after a rainfall and this looks like a decent spot if the water gets to the rocks on the bottom right of the picture.

We’re lucky to have this unspoiled stretch of water and greenery run through Austin. The Greenbelt is surrounded by densely populated areas and it’s always nice to be able to get in there and get some shade.

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